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401 No Issue Family F222
402 Note from Brian Williscroft 7th July 2014 - The witnesses at the marriage were 1. a fellow officer of Branigan’s Troopers(A goldfield police force) and 2 a local hotel proprietor who employed Margaret as a housemaid. Pennefather, Alfred Armstrong (I1302)
403 Note from David Pennefather's history:
(D41) Austin Lawrence Pennefather, born Bega 1901 and died 1992. Known
to have been a commercial 'hard-hat' diver. Married Mavis Merriman 
Pennefather, Austin Lawrence (I976)
404 On the 7th inst., at Coltsfoot Farm, Datchworth, Mr Willliam Pennyfather, aged 75.
Pennyfather, William (I2401)
405 or 1916 3-Sep Islington 1b 265 Pennyfather, Ernest Harold (I440)
406 Pallot's Marriage Index for England: 1780 - 1837
Name: Geo Pennyfather
Spouse: Hanh Peaty
Marriage Date: 1819
Parish: St. Stephen Coleman Street 
Peaty, Hannah (I766)
407 PARISH RECORD St. Andrew, Enfield, Middlesex
834 1860 June 22nd Charles John & Lydia Pennyfather Enfield
* Butcher W.W. Lamarte (?)
Curate *Born 28th March 1860 
Pennyfather, Charles (I148)
408 Parish Records Collection - baptism
Day: 21
Month: September
Year: 1828
Forename: Eliza
Surname: Pennyfather
Fathers forenames: George
Fathers occupation: Blacksmith
Mothers forenames: Hannah
Birth date:
Address: Russel Street
Location of church: Bermondsey
Parish: St Mary Magdalen
Church address: Bermondsey Street
Entry No: 1877
Source Ref: X097/224 
Pennyfather, Eliza (I769)
409 Parish Records Collection 1538-2005 baptism
Day: 10
Month: March
Year: 1822
Forename: Mary
Surname: Pennyfather
Fathers forenames: George
Fathers occupation: Blacksmith
Mothers forenames: Hannah
Birth date: 02/01/1822
Address: Mellick Place
Location of church: Bermondsey
Parish: St Mary Magdalen
Church address: Bermondsey Street
Entry No: 110
Source Ref: X097/224 
Pennyfather, Mary (I767)
410 Parish Records Collection 1538-2005 baptism
Day: 16
Month: March
Year: 1823
Forename: John
Surname: Pennyfather
Fathers forenames: George
Fathers occupation: Smith
Mothers forenames: Hannah
Birth date:
Address: Mellick Place
Location of church: Bermondsey
Parish: St Mary Magdalen
Church address: Bermondsey Street
Entry No: 768
Source Ref: X097/224 
Pennyfather, John (I102)
411 PENNEFATHER, HUGH FRANK (1894-1964), sheepclasser, was born on 5 April 1894 at Pyalong, Victoria, third child and eldest son of Melbourne-born parents Hugh Claude Pennefather (d.1951), wool valuer, and his wife Mabel Annie Rose, née Irving. Edward Curr was his great-grandfather. Hugh Claude joined the Australian Estates & Mortgage Co. Ltd (Australian Estates Co. Ltd from 1936) in 1899 as wool expert. From 1914 he concentrated on sheep-classing. 'Old Penny' travelled about 40,000 miles (64,374 km) a year until the 1930s, classing over forty leading studs and flocks in eastern Australia. Educated at Scotch College, Melbourne, Frank spent two seasons working under his father at the A.E. & M. Co. He jackerooed on Terrick Terrick station, near Blackall, Queensland, for two years, then managed his father's property, Ardsley, near Bathurst, New South Wales.

A member of the 41st Australian Infantry, Militia, Pennefather enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 1 June 1915. He served in Egypt, where he was commissioned (March 1916), and in England. In April 1917 he was sent to the Western Front as a lieutenant in the 56th Battalion. Appointed the 14th Brigade's bombing officer, he remained on duty at a critical period in March 1918, despite suffering the effects of gas. In August-September he established and maintained forward dumps while under heavy shell-fire. He was awarded the Military Cross and mentioned in dispatches. After World War I ended he spent some months in England with a Bradford wool firm. His A.I.F. appointment terminated in Sydney on 12 September 1919.

Pennefather ran Widgery Wah, near Trangie, in partnership with his sister, before selling out. At Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, on 7 July 1922 he married Mary Udy Jordan (d.1951) with Anglican rites; they were to have a daughter. Based (1926-58) at Darling Point, Sydney, he travelled extensively, understudying his father who favoured quality, medium wool on a sound frame; like him, he held that sheep-breeding was a total concept. He advised on such interrelated matters as nutrition, pastures, health, management and the special requirements of different areas.

Among the many merino studs and flocks that Pennefather classed were the Australian Estate Co.'s studs Terrick Terrick, Queensland, Raby and Oolambeyan (1930-57), Wanganella (1920s and 1930s), Bairnkine (1946-63), Goolgumbla, Buttabone Stud Park, Deniliquin Stud Park and Uardry, New South Wales, and Mawallok, Victoria. He kept abreast of modern developments by making several trips abroad. Following World War II, he ran a high-class Peppin merino flock on his property, Llambeda, O'Connell, where he carried out extensive pasture improvement. On 24 September 1953 at St Columba's Church, Woollahra, he married with Presbyterian forms Marion Eleanor Little, née Friend (d.1962), a 48-year-old divorcee.

Quiet, unassuming, sociable but somewhat reserved, Pennefather always wore a tie at dinner and addressed men as 'Mr'. Once asked what he looked for in a ram, he replied—'Lust!' He was a keen tennis player, and a member of the Royal Sydney Golf Club and the Australian Club, Sydney. While at Uardry, Hay, for the classing, he died of a coronary occlusion on 11 March 1964 and was cremated with Anglican rites. The daughter of his first marriage predeceased him. 
Pennefather, Hugh Frank (I1521)
412 PENNEFATHER, LIEUT.-GENERAL JOHN LYSAGHT, K.C.B., for a time Commander of the Second Division of the Army of the East, is the son of an Irish clergyman, the Rev, John Pennefather, late of New Park, Tipperary. He was born in 1800, entered the army as Cornet in January 1818, and obtained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 1839, without having purchased any of his grades. Pennefather's name first came prominently before the world as a trusted officer of that distinguished commander, the late Sir Charles James Napier. The operations which secured the conquest of Scinde have been declared by the Great Duke " the most extraordinary of which he had ever heard or read;" and in these Pennefather performed an important part. In 1843 Napier, taking Pennefather for his brigadier, started from the banks of the Indus with a force chiefly native, marched across the desert without fear of wanting supplies, captured and destroyed the fort of Imannughur, and then concluded a peace with the Ameers of the country. This peace was broken within twenty-four hours after its signature by a treacherous attack on Major Outram's residence, in February 1843. When Napier heard what had taken place, he determined promptly to punish the treachery. Having ascertained that the Ameers were in position at Meannee, ten miles distant from his own camp, with a ferce of 22,000 men, he resolved not to wait until reinforcements should increase their numbers and add to their confidence, but to attack them on the 17th. One who was present at the battle has described the falcon face of Sir Charles as beaming with delight when he greeted Pennefather after victory. Upon a subsequent public occasion in England, Napier declared that to his brigadier he owed the rietory of Meannee. In the grand charge, as our regiments were adnncing up the bank of the river, Pennefather was shot quite through fte bodj, notwithstanding which he remained at the head of his troops until the victory was completed. For his services in Scinde he was Bade a Commander of the Bath, and received the thanks of Parliament; his name was also inscribed with that of Napier on the Bombay triumphal column, cast from the metal of the guns captured at Hyderabad. In 1846 he received the colonelcy of the 28th Foot, having in the same year attained the rank of Colonel in the army. Upon the formation of the Eastern army in 1854. Pennefather was appointed to command the first brigade of the Second Division, with the rank of Major-General. At the battle of the Alma he led his regiments across the river, opposed by the enemy's artillery from the heights above, and pressed on with the greaU'st gallantly and steadiness. An eye-witness of the engagement writes of tha encounter which succeeded the passage of the river.—" Brigadier Pennefather was in the thickest of the fight, leading on and cheering his men, the 55th, 30th, and 95th Regiments. Again and again they were checked, yet they never once drew back in their onward progress, which was marked by a fierce roll of Minie musketry." At the siege of Sebastopol the Second Division was posted to the right; where, on the 20th of October, it was attacked by several strong columns of Russian infantry. Upon this occasion Pennefathert regiments chased the enemy over the ridges, and down to the Bay of Sebastopol; and their Brigadier received again the marked approbation of the Divisional General. At the battle of Inkcrmann the Second Division was under the chief command of Pennefather, General Evans having gone on board ship in the harbour on account of illness. It was the first to sustain the Russian attack, and, in the words of Lord Raglan, "gallantly maintained itself under the greatest difficulties throughout this protracU-d conflict." Pennefather's " admirable behaviour" was brought under the notice of the Minister of War in the despatch of the Commanderin-Chief. One who was at the battle of Inkermann wrote two days after the event,—"To-day I visited a shipful of wounded (the Talavera), including six officers. General Pennefather is among the many astonishing instances of merciful preservation from violent death. He and his Brigade-major Thackwell (both unhurt) had their horses shot under them. I saw the carcase of the eeneral's horse, and beside it the unexploded shell, which had passed into the animal's head and out through his neck." After the battle of Inkermann, Pennefather was compelled by the state of his health to retire for a time from the field. He, however, returned soon afterwards, and took the permanent command of the Second Division, with the rank of Lieutenant-General. In June, 1854, he was appointed Colonel of the 48th Foot- For his services against the Russians Sir John has been created a K.C.B., Commander of the Sardinian Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, and Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour. Pennefather, John Lysaght (I904)
413 PENNEFATHER, REGINALD RICHARD (1905-1957), agricultural scientist, was born on 4 May 1905 at Camberwell, Melbourne, second child of John Francis Pennefather, a Victorian-born clerk of courts, and his second wife Grace Hilda, née Curtis, late Kemp, who came from England. Reg was educated at Wangaratta Agricultural High School, Melbourne Church of England Grammar School (1920-24) and the University of Melbourne (B.Agr.Sc., 1927). After joining the development branch of the Prime Minister's Department as an investigation officer, he examined agricultural conditions in Tasmania, potato marketing, and the transport of sheep. From 1930 he surveyed farms in the chief dairying districts of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia for the Federal Dairy Investigation Committee.

In 1932 the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research appointed Pennefather a field research assistant at its station at Griffith, New South Wales. He helped to find solutions to the massive problems of salination and declining soil fertility in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. From his investigations of the properties of local soils and the infiltration of water through them, he formulated principles to guide irrigation techniques. In 1940 he became foundation secretary of the C.S.I.R.'s irrigation research and extension committee. He began to put his principles for sustainable irrigation into practice, and much of the region's valuable land was saved from irreparable damage.

Pennefather was made research officer-in-charge of the new soils and irrigation extension service in 1944. He wrote numerous articles in the Farmers' Newsletter and regularly broadcast on radio 2RG. Seconded (1945) to the New South Wales Department of Agriculture to organize its M.I.A. agricultural extension service, he tried to improve both the farmers' economic returns and their way of life. On 9 October 1948 he married Norma Margaret Simms Tracy; she had served in the Women's Land Army. Their only child was stillborn in 1950. After a few years they lived apart.

Concerned that the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization's findings were not being widely disseminated, (Sir) Ian Clunies Ross established an agricultural research liaison section in Melbourne in 1951. Pennefather was persuaded to accept the post of officer-in-charge. His work brought him into contact with many members of the C.S.I.R.O., State departments and university faculties of agriculture. He established closer relations between scientists, farmers and public servants, and narrowed the gap between the results of research and their practical application. The section published the periodical Rural Research in C.S.I.R.O. to provide information on its work.

Although Pennefather had an outgoing personality and got on well with people, he was deeply tormented. On 19 January 1957 he was questioned by police about 'his associations with young boys' and warned that court proceedings would probably follow. He committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide on or about 2 February that year in a flat at Parkville and was buried in Melbourne general cemetery. His wife survived him. 
Pennefather, Reginald Richard (I1523)
414 PENNYFATHER Daniel. Effects under £9,000. 23 March 1876 . The Will of Daniel Pennyfather late of Coltsfoot Farm Datchworth in the County of Hertford Farmer who died 8 February 1876 at Coltsfoot Farm was proved at the Principal Registry by Mary Pennyfather of Coltsfoot Farm Widow the Relict one of the Executors. Pennyfather, Daniel (I2083)
415 PENNYFATHER John Aspray of Olney Buckinghamshire carpenter and builder died 1 April 1898 Probate Oxford 21 June to John Kay Vernon boot and shoe-cutter and Charles Henry Pennyfather innkeeper Effects £1075 10s. Pennefather, John Aspray (I588)
416 PENNYFATHER John Effects under £8,000. 24 February. The Will of John Pennyfather late of Burchall Farm in the Parish of Hertingfordbury in the Coounty of Hertford Farmer who died 16 January 1871 at Burchall Farm was proved at the Principal Registry by Daniel Pennyfather of Coltsfoot Farm in the Parish of Datchworth in the said County Farmer and Brother and Henry Campkin of Ware in the said County Gentleman the Nephew and Executors. Pennyfather, John (I2084)
417 PENNYFATHER Leslie Richard of Hook House Strensall York died 10 March 1958 Administration York 2 May to Walter Henry Jones retired post office official. Effects £1846 18s. 9d. Pennyfather, Leslie Richard (I351)
418 PENNYFATHER Mary 4 February 1863. The will of Mary Pennyfather late of Birch Hall in the Parish of Hertingfordbury in the County of Hertford Spinster deceased who died 30 October 1862 at Birch Hall aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of John Pennyfather of Birch Hall aforesaid Farmer and Daniel Pennyfather of Coltsfoot Farm in the Parish of Datchworth in the said County Farmer the Brothers the Executors. Effects under £4,000. Pennyfather, Mary (I2082)
419 PENNYFATHER Robert Chownes. Personal Estate £325. 21 July 1885. The Will of Robert Chownes Pennyfather formerly of Harmer Green Welwyn but late of Burnham Green near Welwyn both in the County of Hertford Land Baliff who died 21 May 1885 at Burnham Green was proved at the Principal registry by Jane Pennyfather of Burnham Green Widow the Relict the sole Executrix. Pennyfather, Robert Chownes (I1074)
420 PENNYFATHER Sarah. Personal Estate under £450. 17 February 1880. The Will of Sarah Pennyfather late of 149 Strand in the County of Middlesex Spinster who died 1 February 1880 at 149 Strand was proved at the Principal Registry by James Tennant of 149 Strand Mineralogist the sole Executor. Pennyfather, Sarah (I2088)
421 PENNYFATHER Thomas. 2 July 1864. Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Thomas Pennyfather late of Tewin Hill Farm in the Parish of Tewin in the County of Hertford Farmer deceased who died 3 June 1864 at Tewin aforesaid were granted at the Principal Registry to Louisa Pennyfather of Tewin Hill Farm aforesaid Widow the Relict of the said Deceased whe having been first sworn. Effects under £3,000. Pennyfather, Thomas (I2085)
422 PENNYFATHER William of Chase-side Enfield Middlesex farmer died 7 March 1893 Probate London 7 April to Caroline Sarah Pennyfather widow Effects £886 4s. Pennefather, William (I129)
423 Police Name Driver In Freak Death Crash

An ederly motorist who died after his car careered across Talgarth Road into the path of traffic last week has been named as 76-year old Richard Bryan from Colet Gardens, Hammersmith.
The pensioner was leaving the Mobil petrol station just after 3pm on Monday last week when his Honda Integra car accelerated across the forecourt, mounted the pavement and sped across Talgarth Road.
After colliding with another car he crashed into the central reservation. He was taken to Charing Cross Hospital but later died from chest injuries.
Mr Bryan, whose family live outside the borough, is said to have had a history of heart disease.
The 51-year-old male driver in the second car was treated for whiplash.
Witnesses can contact police on 0171 371 1212.


ADMINISTRATION AREA: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
1. DATE AND PLACE OF DEATH: First April 1996 Charing Cross Hospital, W6
2. NAME AND SURNAME: Richard Arthur Bryan
3. SEX: Male
5. DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 26th February 1920 Peckham
6. OCCUPATION AND USUAL ADDRESS: Engineer 61 Linacre court, Colet Gardens, W6 8DF.
7. (a) NAME AND SURNAME OF INFORMANT: Certificate received from J.D.K Burton coroner for Greater London (Western). Inquest held 3 September 1996
8. CAUSE OF DEATH: I(a) Multiple Rib Fractures II Severe Ischaemic Heart Disease Accidental Death
10. DATE OF REGISTRATION: Third September 1996
11. SIGNATURE OF REGISTRAR: M Dnphy Registrar 
Pennyfather, Richard Arthur (I454)
424 POST OFFICE LONDON DIRECTORY - Commercial Directory 1868 - Suburban
Pennyfather Thomas Alonzo, farmer, Stone cot hill, Sutton, & at Morden 
Pennyfather, Thomas Alonzo (I1)
425 Proposed Change: Pennefather, Mary Elizabeth (I1768)

Description: Date of birth for Mary Elizabeth:
1890 Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia
Family referred to her as "Molly"
She was close to her sister Caroline Theresa Pennefather who she named as Next of Kin on her enlistment. Theresa's son was killed at Gallipoli on the 23rd April 1915.

Brian Williscroft
15th September 2016 
Pennefather, Mary Elizabeth (I1768)
426 Reading 2c 350 "1898 2-Jun" Pennyfather, Reuben Robert (I360)
427 Robert Chowns Pennyfather of the Parish
of Welwyn, Bachelor
and Mary Field of this Parish
were married in this church by Licence with consent of
..................(left blank) this Fourteenth Day of
January in the Year One thousand eight hundred and eighteen
by me C. W. Johnson Rector
This marriage was solemnised between us Robert Chowns Pennyfather
Mary Field
Witness in the precess of Joseph Field & Margery Field 
Family F728
428 Royal Garrison Church - General Sir John Pennefather -

On the South wall of the nave.

The memorial appears to be made of plaster and has suffered considerable weathering. Some of the text is barely legible. Attempts have been made to improve the legibility.

Pennefather, John Lysaght (I904)
429 Royal Navy Pennyfather, Albert John (I290)
430 See also:

Pennyfather, Isaac (I1211)
431 See also:
Pennyfather, Edward (I2402)
432 Shoreditch 1c 111 Pennyfather, Henry Horrace (I301)
433 Singapore Infopedia:
Pennefather, Lancelot Maurice (I858)
434 Singapore's legendaryn sports couple, the Pennefathers, celebrated teir 60th year of happy marriage on Thursdat.
Their diamond anniversary celebration at the family home in Punggol was attended by some 130 relatives and friends.
retired accountant, Mr Lancelot Pennefather, 85, represented Singapore in the Malayan Cup Soccer Series in the 1920s.
He hung his boots in 1928 after he met with an accident which caused him a leg injury.
His wife Alice 76, and still going strong as a section head in Shaw Rentals, proved an equal match for her husband.
Watching him excel in sports, she worked with equal determination and with his coaching, began carving for herself a name in tennis and badminton in the 1930s.
She was the first Singapore Women's Badminton champion in 1931, the next year and in 1934. From 1935 to 1938, she was the state tennis champion.
The couple met in 1918 through a friend and in the words of Mrs Pennefather, "the courtship was short" as they got married the following year when she was 16 and he 25.
The secret of their successful marriage that brought them two sons, Ashton and Percy, four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren?
"Love, tolerance and understanding," Mrs Pennefather said.
"Of course there were arguments between us but they were dissolved in the spirit of mutual respect and give and take"
Her advise to young married women?
"Give in to your husband even if he's wrong or you're angry. You'll find life more pleasant."
Pennefather, Lancelot Maurice (I858)
435 St Mary the Virgin Parish BaptismRegisters 1825
1825; 19 June; Born 6 Nov 1819; John son of; John & Mary; Pennyfather;
Abode - Harmer Green; Fathers Occ - Farmer
Page - 54; Entry - 430 
Pennyfather, John (I561)
436 St Mary the Virgin Parish BaptismRegisters 1825
1825; 19 June; Born 6 Nov 1819; John son of; John & Mary; Pennyfather;
Abode - Harmer Green; Fathers Occ - Farmer
Page - 54; Entry - 430 
Pennyfather, John (I561)
437 St Mary the Virgin, Church Street, Welwyn
Burial Registers P94; Entry 748
William Pennyfather; Abode - Welwyn; Buried - Jan 24; Age - 8 Months 
Pennyfather, William (I20)
438 St Mary the Virgin, Welwyn Burial Register
1829; Page - 45; Entry - 355
Edward Pennyfather; Abode - Tewin; Buried - Sep 17; Age - 34 Yrs 
Pennyfather, Edward (I1859)
439 St Mary the Virgin, Welwyn Page 53; Entry - 423
John Pennyfather; Abode - Harmer Green; Buried - February 2; Age - 38 Yrs 
Pennyfather, John (I894)
440 St Olave 1d 214 Pennyfather, Harry (I340)
441 St.Saviour 1d 85 Pennyfather, Daisy Letitia (I346)
442 St.Saviour 1d 98 Pennyfather, Margaret Ann (I309)
443 Started the Pennefather Rootsweb Email List Pennefather, Hal de la Pole (I1225)
444 Tasmania, Australia, Index to Marriage Notices in The Mercury, 1854-1962
Name: Edward Going Pennefather
Spouse Name: Fanny Harrison
Marriage Date: 13 Jun 1861
Spouse Details: eldest daughter of late Hezekiah
Other Details: Trinity, Launceston
Gender: Male
Publication Date: 22 Jul 1861 
Pennefather, Edward Going (I1447)
445 The Argus Saturday 27 February 1915


Labour Leader on the War.

Sir Alfred Pennefather, writing in the
"Daily Telegraph," calls the attention of
the Government to a pamphlet circulated
in Germany and entitled "Facts About
Germany and the War: 'The Responsibility
of Sir Edward Grey, by Ramsay Mac-

In this pamphlet it is asserted that it is
a diplomatist war, made by half a dozen
men. The evil (it is said) happened be-
cause Sir Edward Grey guided the foreign
policy, and his shortsightedness and blun-
ders had brought this upon us. 
Pennefather, Alfred (I1516)
446 The Argus Saturday 3 July 1915 - Australia


Writing to his mother at Charlton,
Lionel Pennyfather states that he had just
finished a good mid-day meal. "We get
very good food here," he says, and to-
bacco and cigarettes are issued as well."
He writes in the best of spirits, and states
that the Turks are "rotten shots," save
the snipers, who, however, are becoming
very scarce. 
Pennyfather, Lionel (I1515)
447 The Argus Wednesday 17 February 1915



LONDON, Feb. 15.

Colonel Gerald Kyflin-Taylor, who had
represented the Kirkdale division of Liver-

pool in the Unionist interest since 1910, re--
signed a few- days ago. His place has
been filled by the unopposed return of Mr.,
de F.Pennefather, also a Unionist, who
contested the seat unsuccessfully on a pre-
vious occasion. 
Pennefather, John de Fonblanque (I785)
448 Their Witnesses were John Pennefeather and Rev. J.Purcell (as per an extract from their Certificate of Marriage). Family F255
449 Thomas' professions: Carman Pennyfather, Rebecca (I334)
450 Thomas' professions: Carman Pennyfather, James (I350)

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