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1  Pennefather, George Lionel (I1059)
Pennyfather, Reginald John (I361)
Pennyfather, Mary (I2082)
Pennyfeather, William (I10)
Pennyfather, Arthur Samuel (I11)
Penneyfather, Richard William (I9)
Pennyfather, Emma Louisa (I17)
8 "1874 4-Dec" Hendon 3a 173 Family F115
9 "1900 2-Jun" Hatfield 3a 346 Pennyfather, Edward (I559)
10 "1900 2-Jun" Hatfield 3a 346 Pennyfather, Edward (I559)
11 (June 14, 1811 - August 13, 1887)

John Hamilton Gray of Prince Edward Island was one of two men by that name involved in the Confederation Conferences. He spent most of his life serving in the British and Canadian militaries. However, he is best known for his political career, particularly as premier of Prince Edward Island at the time of the Charlottetown Conference.

John Hamilton Gray's Loyalist father settled in Nova Scotia and later moved to Prince Edward Island where he became involved in public affairs. Gray's early education on the Island was followed by schooling in England, where he joined the 7th Dragoon Guards. He served for over two decades, including duties in India and South Africa. Gray was a father of children through two marriages; first with Susan Pennefather, who died in 1866, and then with Sarah Caroline Cambridge.

In 1852, Gray returned to Prince Edward Island. He soon became involved in politics and was appointed to the Legislative Council in 1854. The outbreak of the Crimean War in the same year caused Gray to resume his military service. After the war, he continued his political endeavours, especially as an advocate for Protestant interests. He was successful in the elections of 1858 and 1859, which focused on the relationship between religion and school curriculum, an issue that divided the Island's Protestant and Roman Catholic communities.

Gray joined the Protestant government that came to power under Edward Palmer in 1859. The government soon became preoccupied with issues related to the Island's absentee landlords. A commission was appointed to address the matter, but the resulting legislation -- which attempted to advance the rights of tenants -- failed to attract the support of the British government.

When Gray replaced Palmer as the government leader in 1863, he came to regard colonial union as a way to empower the Island on land issues. When the Charlottetown Conference was convened to consider union options, Gray was chosen as the Conference chairperson. However, most Islanders were against union, and Gray's views were generally opposed by his fellow Island delegates.

Gray persisted with his support at the Québec Conference, but ultimately sided with his colleagues who felt the Québec Resolutions did not allow sufficient representation for Prince Edward Island in the proposed system of government. The lack of popular support for Confederation, together with the serious illness of his wife, Susan, led Gray to resign in 1864.

When he attempted to revive his political career in 1867, he lost the local nomination to David Laird. In the election of 1873 he met with similar misfortune, and instead accepted an appointment as the district's deputy adjutant general. By that time Gray had already served for many years as the Island's commanding officer of the volunteer brigade and as adjutant general of the Island's militia. This public contribution as a military leader, rather than as a Father of Confederation, was regarded as Gray's foremost distinction for many years after his death.

Weale, David E. -- "Gray, John Hamilton". -- Dictionary of Canadian biography online [online]. -- [Cited December 13, 2004]. -- Access: 
Gray, John Hamilton (I1577)
12 (R12) Richard Pennefather, heir to (R8)William Pennefather and Maria Long, born 19th January 1826, JP. Married February 24th 1857 to Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Darwin Vaughton of Ashfurlong House, Co. Warwick and died 1876 leaving issue:
(R16) William Vaughton.
(R16b)Richard Dymoke.
1. Maria Emma died 1896
2. Harriet Lavinia, married firstly T.G.Warren and secondly John Henry
Gibson and died 1937.
3. Anna Louise, married J.L.Hendley. 
Pennefather, Richard (I1094)
13 (R77) John Pennefather, second son of (R74) Baron Pennefather. Queens Councilor. Director of Gt.S&W Railway Ireland. Born 3rd July 1814. Married 1842 Elizabeth J.Demoylens, daughter of Hon. Major Edward Demoylans 5th son of Lord Ventry and had issue:
(R78) Alfred Richard (Sir).
(R79) Somerset Edward, Rev.
1. Dora Millicent, married James Lane. 
Pennefather, John (I1125)
14 (R8) William Pennefather of Lakefield Co. Tipperary, third son of (R3b) Richard Pennefather and Anne Jacob, married Maria (Charity) Long, daughter of Richard Long of Longfield Co. Tipperary, and had issue:
(R12) Richard, his heir.
(R13) William.
(R14) Mathew, died 1859.
(R15) John William Copley Lyndhurst, died 1865.
A further two sons and two daughters - names not known.

[(R8) William Pennefather was successfully prosecuted over the use of Public Funds. See notes "Our Irish Forebears." DHP] 
Pennefather, William (I1102)
15 (R82) Roland Cranstoun Pennefather, born 15/10/1912, Solicitor. Married firstly 5/1/1938 Kathleen Hart and had issue:
(R113) John Roland, born 28/3/1947. Solicitor Married Renate Bloeck
1. Sandra Rosalind, born 30/8/1949. Married July 1974 Nicholas James Walford only son of Group Captain George Walford. 
Pennefather, Roland Cranstown (I413)
16 (R83) Claud Maxwell Pennefather, born 26th February 1877. Married 16th June 1906 Agnes Acton Davies and had issue:
(R84) George Edward Maxwell.
(R85) John Kenneth Kingsmill.
1. Kathleen Mary Agnes. 
Pennefather, Claud Maxwell (I253)
17 (R86) Edward Cyril Pennefather, born 4th August 1881. Married August 1919 Sylvia Ruth Carver and had issue:
1. Auriol Christobel, born 7th August 1922.
2. Philippia Lavinia, born 11th July 1924. 
Pennefather, Edward Cyril (I283)
18 (R96) Edward Mathew Pennefather, third son of (R93) Edward Graham Pennefather, married Mimosa, daughter of Clarke Westaway Esq. of Gatton near Bristol, and when last heard of was resident in Bukit Lembu Estate, Sungri Patani, Kedah, Malaya. (20/4/35).
Note: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission record the following burial. Isobel Veronica Pennefather who died on Thursday, 15th March 1945. Age 48. Of Sembrong Estate, Layang, Johore, Malaya. Daughter of the late Matthew and Isabel Clarke; wife of Edward Matthew Pennefather, at Muntok, Banka Island. Cemetery: Sumatra, Section of the Civilian War Dead Register. 
Pennefather, Edward Mathew (I344)
19 - Commander of the Sardinian Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus
- Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour
- 2nd Class of the Order of the Medjidie
Pennefather, John Lysaght (I904)
20 - Friday 25th September 1964

A 78-year-old man who had spent most of his life in prison died in Wandsworth Prison from natural causes a jury decided at the inquest on Tuesday.

A verdict of natural causes was returned on Richard Pennyfather, who was serving seven years preventive detention at Wandsworth for larceny.

Michael Gale, the governor of the prison told the coroner that Pennyfather first went to Wandsworth in September 1960 but had been transferred to Parkhurst prison in 1961.

"He came back to Wandsworth on September 7 this year and he was admitted straight into the prison hospital because of his health"

Thomas Walsh, a prison officer, told the coroner that on September 17 he had gone into Pennyfather's room in the hospital and found him dead.

"The room was perfectly in order and there was no signs of anything being wrong." he said. Dr. Geoffrey Allen, a pathologist, said, "His lungs were in terrible condition - there was a small cancer in the right lung and they were slightly waterlogged. "His death was probably due to bronchial pneumonia - the effect of his age," he said. 
Pennyfather, Richard Arthur (I320)
21 1817; Jun 25; Born - 20 sep 1816; Edward son of; John Pennyfather & Mary Mascal [?????] Pennyfather; Abode - Welwyn; Fathers Occ - Farmer Pennyfather, Edward (I559)
22 1820; Jan 13th; Born - Dec 2nd 1819; William Robert Pennyfather;
Parents - Robert Chowns & Mary late Fields; Pennyfather;
Abode - Little Munden (Whitehill); Fathers Occ - Farmer 
Pennyfather, William Robert (I298)
23 1823; Page 29; Entry 231;
Nov 19; Rose Hannah Day of; Edward & Hannah; Pennyfather;
Abode - Knup End, Codicote; Fathers Occ - Gent 
Pennyfather, Rose Hannah (I1956)
24 1850; Clerkenwell; 111-95; 03-Sep Family F661
25 9th January 2011 - Caroline Church, New Zealand:

a) I have just come across your site and one name study.
My local cemetery is the burial place of Alonzo Pennyfather, died 10 Feb, 1887 aged 19. I see you have his burial recorded, but no birth. His headstone includes the information that he was originally from Waltham Cross, Herts, and according to the cemetery website, he was a coach builder.
I am compiling a collection of headstone photos and would be happy to send you copies if you are interested.

b) Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1889

[1 of 2]
Vessel HERMIONE: Arrived:Auckland 15 November 1886
Notes Mr

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Vessel HERMIONE: Departed:London 2 October 1886 Arrived:Auckland 29 January 1887
Notes Mr., Captain D.T. Roberts
Source New Zealand herald 29 January 1887

The listing for his burial in Waikumete Cemetery in West Auckland:

Plot : ANGLICAN DIVISION B Row 2, Plot 17
Interment Type: Burial
Title: MR
Given Names: ALONZO
Age : 19
Gender : Male
Date Of Death : 10-Feb-1887
Date Of Burial : 12-Feb-1887
Funeral Director : TJ MCIVOR
Pennyfather, Alonzo [on birth index as Male] (I184)
26 9th January 2011 - Trevor Penfold:
This birth was registered as 'Male'. However, indication is that this could be Alonzo although this is still to be confirmed. 
Pennyfather, Alonzo [on birth index as Male] (I184)
27 Wikipedia
Pennefather, John Lysaght (I904)
28 Painting
Pennefather, John Lysaght (I904)
29 Commonwealth War Graves Pennefather, Temple de la Pole (I1217)
30 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Thomas Alonzo (I1)
31 FreeBMD
Milo, Rebecca (I1618)
32 FreeBMD
Shaw, Mary Elizabeth (I1939)
33 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, William Arthur (I200)
34 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Hannah (I1936)
35 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, James (I350)
36 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Mary Ann (I182)
37 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Sarah (I1924)
38 FreeBMD
Friday, Sarah (I1935)
39 FreeBMD
Sammons, Elizabeth (I1665)
40 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Charles (I173)
41 FreeBMD

Pennyfather, Alfred Frances (I1608)
42 FreeBMD
Wall, Martin (I1931)
43 FreeBMD
Pennefather, Frederick Augustus (I1932)
44 FreeBMD
Skinner, Robert F. (I1575)
45 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Thomas Alonzo (I1)
46 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Doris May (I431)
47 FreeBMD
Pennyfeather, Margaret (I1946)
48 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, John (I28)
49 FreeBMD

Pennyfather, Sarah (I8)
50 FreeBMD
Pennyfather, Amy (I381)

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